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Popularity of Fantasy Novels

Magic is the common element greatly used in many works of fiction. A fantasy novel is one area of literature, which features different kinds of fantastical elements.  The novels as work of fiction are longer in length than other forms of literature and are written in prose. The stories of fantasy novels are categorized in themes that include magic as well as mythological creatures.  The fact about fantasy novels is that, the incidents or series of events that happen in story but may not happen in the real world.  This separates fantasy novels from other forms of fiction. These books also provide a kind of break from monotonous schedule and seriousness of life by acquainting readers with magical event and humorous characters of fantasy world.
Nowadays, people consider that engaging in novel reading is a best way as it gives one the chance to explore their mind as well as increase their reading and vocabulary skills. In addition, when it comes to reading or choosing a novel, many people shows interest in fantasy genre. The popular example of this is Harry Potter series.
The literature is composed of large number of fantasy works. The fantasy books are a popular genre of fiction. The fantasy books include the use of magic, realism and other supernatural phenomena as the main element of theme. The fantasy books give reader an insight in fantasy world where imagination plays an important role. There are large number of books catering to fantasy dealing with great stories of adventure, heroism, fantasy tales and the world of imagination and creativity. Another reason for the popularity  is that the fantasy books has taken the form of films television, programs, graphic novels, video games ,painting and  other media.
The top fantasy books are the books, which are immensely popular for its fantasy themes and are well received by all readers. These books  includes "Harry Potter series" by J.K Rowlings , "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman and  "The Scar" by China Mieville, this novel ,has won several awards and was overwhelmingly received by the readers.  Another top fantasy books includes "The Ghost King" by R.R Salvtore, which is a famous fantasy novel and also one of the bestselling  books of 2009. The top fantasy books also include, high fantasy that deals with themes of fighting against evil.
Dark fantasy novels usually include elements of horror. Comic fantasy is a form of fantasy that involves humour. The example of this type of fiction is J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Thus, these books provide all a very delightful reading experience.

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