Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Good And Bad Of The Better Life Game

There are increasingly large numbers of people who choose to unwind by playing games found online and because of this there are a growing number of games that can be found for a person to enjoy themselves with. It just comes down to deciding what your poison is and learning to play any number of these games that are online for you to be able to choose from.
What's So Bad…
There are occasional real effects from actions that happen in the game. People who are role playing often get emotionally involved without really meaning to. This can cause problems from the get go. Creating a bit of turmoil in another person's life without realizing it can be painful. If you're in a relationship with a person and have built a character that is single your real life partner may become very upset with this and even consider breaking with you over a game. It's not unusual for people to feel what happens online stays there and this isn't true. Be aware when creating your character and making choices within the game so that you are able to have fun without suffering undo consequences.
The Good…
The better life game is exciting because it allows a person to choose whatever they want to be and run with that. If they wish to be attractive, young or single then these are easy traits for a person to pick and portray with their online character. It doesn't stop with choosing physical traits or other kinds of attributes for a person they are also able to do what they want when they want to. This of course doesn't work in the outside world and because of that there can have different effects.
There is a wide range of people who find it freeing and relaxing to go online and play many different types of role playing games while still following general rules that they would in everyday life. Being able to relax and spend hours online playing at a person that you aren't easily able to be in the real world is a very good way to end a day. Perhaps you've wanted to be a Hollywood movie star and going online and becoming this person in a game can be the first way to get some rest from a day when a failed business may be making you miserable.
Being able to do things for entertainment value without leaving your own home can be a huge reason to get involved with many of the different online gaming communities. Think about going to a bar, dancing, socializing and generally having a good time without having to worry about getting home safely. Think about making new friends and socializing with them without having to make a phone call or leave your home. These are the kinds of bonuses a person can have just for getting involved with the better life game.

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