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Most Effective Tips of Using Acrylic Spray Paint

Acrylic spray paints are extremely flexible and fast-drying paints. They can be used directly from the tube like oils or may be thinned with water or a medium and use like watercolors. Here are a few tips to help you get started painting with acrylics if you are beginner or if you want to enhance your skills.

Tip 1: Keeping Acrylic paints useful
Acrylics gets dry very soon therefore you should squeeze the tube only little so that only required amount of paint comes out. Using spray bottle is the best idea to avoid wastage of paint.

Tip 2: clean your Brushes
Make sure that you have placed a paper towel or cloth near to your workplace and make regular wiping of brush after small intervals a habit as it prevents water drops running down the ferrule onto your paintings, making blotches.

Tip 3: Opaque or Transparent
In case applied thickly either directly from tube or with little addition of water or if you will mix it with a little white all acrylic colors can be opaque. And, if you will dilute it then it can be used like water color or for airbrushing.

Tip 4: Enhance Flow without Losing Color
If you want to enhance the flow of color with minimized loss of color, make sure you are using flow improver medium rather than only water.

Tip 5: Blend different Acrylic Paints
As acrylic paints dry very soon therefore, you need to work quickly if you want to blend colors. When you are working on paper, then dampening of paper will increase your working time.

Tip 6: Strong Edges
You can easily put masking tape onto and removed from dried acrylic paint without damaging any existing layer of painting. This makes easy to create a strong edge, ensure that edges of the tape are struck down firmly and avoid painting thickly on the edges, otherwise you won't get a neat line when you'll lift it.

Tip 7: cleaning up Liquid with Masking Fluid
You can use masking fluid with acrylics washes or watercolors. Make sure that it is fully dry before doing painting on it. Avoid painting thickly else you will have to scratch away the paint to get the masking fluid. This fluid can be used on canvas and on paper.

Tip 8: Use of Acrylic Paint as Glue for Collage
Acrylic spray paint can be used as glue in a collage as it is used fairly thickly.

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