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Wedding Arabic Mehndi Designs

In South East Asia henna or mehndi is used for traditional functions and weddings as patterns and temporary tattoos. These temporary tattoos are much smaller designs such as a bird, a heart or an angel on the shoulders or arms. However the Arabic traditional mehndi designs are more detailed in designs and patterns. Mehndi is adorned by women on traditional occasions such as Eids and weddings and these designs are quite unique and specific. Women usually have these patterns drawn on their palms and back of the hand; even the arm and brides usually have mehndi designs on their feet as well.

In South Asian countries such as Pakistan and India there is a separate occasion during the wedding functions known as mehndi. On this function the friends and family dance, sing traditional wedding songs and the bride gets adorned with Arabic mehndi designs. The bride usually has her hands, feet and arms imprinted with the henna designs and patterns. It is upto the bride if she wants heavy patterns covering her whole hands and arms or if she wants a light and less detailed pattern.

 The best thing about the henna designs and patterns is that you just need to have a creative eye, and you can just about accomplish any pattern you want. Usually people play with swirls and loops, flowers patterns, vines and simple lining designs. These designs and patterns depend on what the bride wants and how well the artist can work. Some people start from the little or index finger and work their way up to the wrist or fore arm leaving most of the hand blank. Some fill the entire fingers and hands with heavy designs up till the arm. Same is the case with feet, some brides want minute designs on her feet while some brides prefer to have full heavy mehndi designs till their ankles. On this mehndi occasion, the friends and family also get their hands adorned with henna designs, though their patterns are not usually as heavy and detailed as the bride's.

 Some of the other occasions where girls get mehndi designs are Eid, Diwalis and other religious occasions. However weddings are perhaps the most auspicious occasion where girls are excited and get considerably heavier designs on their hands. Girls can choose their designs from numerous catalogs, featuring latest patterns for henna designs. Anyone who is good at drawing or has a good penmanship can easily learn this art of henna designing and create new patterns according to their liking. As long as the patterns complement each other, the Arabic mehndi designs will always look good.

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