Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5 Deadly Signs to Redesign Your Logo!

Starting a small business, your company needs a brand that portrays the true essence of your endeavors in the future. For that purpose you require a new logo design for your business to epitomize your image. But most logos are not everlasting. With the passage of time, they need to be updated in order to revise the image of the company.

But most organizations face difficulties in identifying the right time to redesign their logo. For them, the problem is recognizing the signs that lead to a logo redesign. Here are 5 deadly signs that signify that a business must go for a change in their logo design:

  1. 1.     Change in company name:

The first and most obvious reason to change your logo design is when your company undergoes a change in name. This seems evident, but if you alter your company name, it's imperative to revamp your logo and promotion materials to indicate the redesign. But your change must be such that it is visibly noticeable and applicable to the situation. But don't overdo it or else the customers will get doubtful of the change.

  1. 2.     You have diversified:

Sometimes, when your business is successful in one domain, you want to explore into new realms. Now when you go from personally serving each and every one of your clients to having more clients in other industries, a logo redesign can ease the change. The new brand redesign can assist in reinforcing service expectations.

  1. 3.     New target customers:

When you are targeting a relatively small target audience, you wish to expand your target more. This is so that you can capture more client base and gain more revenue. In order to serve a newer customer base, you need a fresh image that appeals to those intended audience.

  1. 4.     Image is out-dated:

With the passage of time, trends change. People who like one image might not like the same image in future. That is why you need to make sure that your logo design is not out-dated and is current with the preferences of the customers.

  1. 5.     Need to reconnect with clients:

When you feel that the connection between your clientele is getting weaker, it is a sign that you must revamp your corporate image. A fresh and new identity will allow you to reconnect with the clients and make a new impression on them.

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