Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember your Special Day with Ketubah

In a conventional Jewish wedding ceremony, the Ketubah or marriage contract should always be signed by two witnesses and traditionally read out loud under the chuppah. This has been a traditional practice included in every Jewish wedding since time immemorial and until modern day. After the wedding day, the Ketubah will be framed and it will decorate a wall on the newlywed's new home.

Ketubah is a document wherein the couple will sign their names and forever commit themselves to each other and articulate their responsibilities and ideals. This document is for each other as well as for the world to see as it supposed to be displayed in the house of the married coupe. The Ketubah is said to have originated to act as a protection for the wife and her children when the husband left them so that they will be granted some provisions for their financial welfare and care.

A Ketubah needs to be chosen carefully since it is your Jewish marriage contract. Make sure when you shop for a Ketubah for your wedding it will perfectly fit both you and your partners desires, needs and also, of course, your budget. This document must be chosen by both of you; it must be suited to your taste and style. The text, design and artwork must be the one that you want and nothing more or less. Since the Ketubah will be put on your wall make sure it will be something nice to look out every day. This document will always remind you of that special day, your wedding day, for both you and your partner.

Ketubah is like a marriage of love and fine art wherein every detail can be a symbol that has its own meaning. Because of its ancient and venerable history, Ketubah has its place as an important form of Jewish ceremonial art throughout time. Each Ketubah becomes part of your family history and therefore a valued heirloom. Ketubot have been made in a wide range of designs, as a rule following the tastes and styles of the period and region in which they are made. Indeed you can always look back on that special day in your life with the deep understanding of the love between you and your partner. The agreements and ideals and your personal vows will be shared for the rest of your life on that piece of fine art hanging in your wall will stand as reminder of your love and commitment.


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Tom Budko is a fan of, New World Wedding and Ketubahs Custom Ketubah and Wedding Art by Rachel Deitsch

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