Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Choose Online Art Galleries to Showcase Your Art

If you are an unknown artist, the major problem you may face is to display and sell your paintings. This is a universal problem which all the artists face in the beginning of their career. In earlier times it was quite impossible to find a place to showcase the artwork of the new artists. Thus, many budding artists' ambitions were nipped in the bud. But with the advent of online galleries, the new artists have found a way to exhibit and sell their art conveniently Fine art gallery has today transformed into online art gallery.

Why online art galleries?

  • Control in the hand of artists: In traditional art galleries, the percentage of the profit sharing as well as the price of the painting was in the hand of the gallery owner. Which painting is to be exhibited and which one to be left out was decided by the art dealer. Even the placing and lightening were decided by the owner. The artists had no say in it. But in the online galleries, the artists can quote their own price and can determine their share of profit. They decide themselves about the paintings that they wish to exhibit. They can thus completely forego the tantrums of an art dealer.
  • More individualistic: Earlier, it was the art dealers and gallery owners who used to control the artists. The artists have to do the bidding as per them. The artwork has to be pruned down or painted in such a way that would fetch better profit. This curtailed the natural instincts of the artists and they became mere puppets. But online galleries allow the artists to exhibit their natural work without any modifications.
  • Art for everyone: In normal art galleries, the prospective buyers are the same set of people who always come there. It mostly caters to the local people that reduce the volume of appreciation and profit. Some art galleries reserve the entry which further reduces the universality of the artists. Many art galleries organize special and exclusive shows of the famous artists which can't be viewed by normal art lovers. These hurdles are not there in the online art galleries.
  • No dearth of space: The curators and gallery owners always make a fuss about the dearth of space at the gallery and discard many good paintings. But online galleries have no such trouble. They can accommodate as many painting as available therefore the artist can exhibit all his creations.
  • Worldwide presence: The online galleries can make a local artist popular among the art lovers all over the world. Everyone having a PC and internet can view the work of art and even purchase it online though sitting miles away from the artist. Thus, a very new but promising artist may gain more profit than a seasoned artist if he displays his paintings online.

The fine art gallery that has now graduated to online art gallery has become a boon for both artists and the art lovers. This is going to be more popular over the coming years due to the convenience and easy accessibility.


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