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Qixi Festival, Paintings for Valentine to Share

China's Qixi Festival, which this year falls on August 16, is becoming increasing know as 'Chinese Valentine's Day'. However, this traditional Chinese festival based on a romantic love story that started more than 2,000 years ago originally had little association with St. Valentine or Hallmark. Like all folk tales, there are many variations of the Qixi Festival legend, but the basic story is usually the same: a Chinese couple, Niulang (cow herder) and Zhinv (fairy weaver girl) were separated by the goddess of Heaven, who was angry that a fairy would want to marry a mortal. They could only meet once a year on a bridge formed by magpies, who took pity on the separated couple.

The story concerns the youngest of the seven daughters of the Heavenly Jade Emperor. She's the prettiest and has the most talent at weaving and needlepoint, and is responsible for weaving the clouds and rainbows of the skies. One day the sisters go down to Earth to visit a sacred bathing pool. As they are leaving, the youngest discovers that a cowherd has taken her clothes. He tells her he won't give them back to her unless she agrees to marry him. She's actually attracted to him, and agrees, and they end up living happily together on Earth.

Everything is fine until one day the Jade Empress notices that the skies aren't as nice anymore due to the absence of the youngest daughter. She sends soldiers down to bring her back. The Cowherd chases after his beloved, but the Jade Empress prevents him from catching up by creating the Milky Way.

Back in the Heavens, the Weaver Princess is despondent and weeps, causing torrents of rain on earth. The Jade Emperor finally takes pity on her and allows the Cowherd and the Weaver Princess to meet once a year (the date of the festival). On this day, all of the magpies of the world fly together to make a bridge on which the lovers can re-unite.


It is much appreciate that we can stay with the one we love and share the ups and downs in our lifes. For the sake of love, we collected all the oil paintings sale for your loving people. It must be the best gift for your loving one.


The kiss

The kiss Klimt

Ball In Colombia

Ball In Colombia 

Play on the swings

person painting


Take shelter from the rain

person painting


Dance At Bougival

Dance At Bougival


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