Thursday, August 25, 2011

Affected by the Great Influence of Tera Gold

Egg yolk in my impression has been high adipose, high cholesterol, boiled Tera Gold I also do not love to eat, but this changed my view, egg yolk is actually very good fat in the temperature of the heat, but not too much. After reading below, you will know that the yolk is to eat or not eat.

Said how boiled eggs after that, many friends ask: the inside of the egg fat high quality? How much cholesterol? What kind of egg less cholesterol? Here is egg thing. Fat

The egg is the birds eggs, eggs! The fat almost all focused on yolk egg white of the fat content was lower than 1%, basically can be neglected. So, discuss the problem, is fat egg yolk to discuss the fat is good or not.

According to scientists, all sorts of eggs were Poland, including eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, owls fire, its quail eggs yolks of fatty acids ratio on the whole very similar. Saturated fatty acid accounted for only 28% 30%, single not saturated fatty acid 46%-47%, other part was not more saturated fatty acid, about 23%-26%.


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That is, the fatty acid form eggs is quite reasonable, and peanut oil close to, and one of the most advantageous to cardiovascular single unsaturated fatty acid content is slightly higher than the peanut oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil than embryo oil, corn is much higher. So say, eggs of fat is really good fat, if the eggs to the fat into the fat, butter and lard, that's too injustice eggs!

Egg yolk and a small number of omega 3 fatty Tera Online Gold, however, all kinds of eggs-6: omega of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have larger proportion difference, among the most quail eggs are rich in omega-more than three not saturated fatty acid, omega-6: omega 3 ratio was 5.6, and eggs and fire eggs usually more than 10. But, even the same protein, egg yolk of omega 3 fatty acids in the content is not the same and will be affected by the great influence. Feed Add fish meal, flax seed will improve the omega 3 fatty acids-of the scale.

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