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Multiplication of Image Masking Techniques by a Specialist

For some reason even professional photos make mistakes. Now these mistakes can be corrected on the editing table. Overexposure of a picture is one such mistake. Photoshop software has image masking techniques that a graphic specialist can use. Overexposure causes the picture to look light.  Areas, which have been overexposed, can be darkened one layer at a time. The specialist will first make several duplicates of the original to make the layer mask starting with the background. An even shade of tone can be made with image masking. The image tool is used in the layer. It will have default settings. The layer should be merged to show the final composite. The difference is glaring once the mask is applied. Application of one mask is simple. But when the actual subject is against a crowded backdrop then the task is little complex.


Another area where image masking is an invaluable tool is when two pictures need to be blended. Why two images is blended? The reasons differ from one client to another. The job of the specialist is to execute it rather than ask questions. For example there could be one picture of a garden. It needs a value addition. How can it be done? The best way is to add some flowers to it without making it look like the flowers are ‘planted'! It should look natural. The specialist will bring two images one of the garden and the other of a flower or flowers. If they have similar colors it is great or else the color match can also be done as an edit. Now this technique involves multiplication and not just layer masking.  New designers using other software (like Matlab) may not have the feature of multiplication like Photoshop has. A designer specializing in image masking can also create a new clipping path and a shape to the final composition. He is likely to put his analytical skills and create some samples to get the approval of the client. Once he gets the green signal he can continue the editing process. The flower, which needs to be planted, will be selected within a rectangle or oval shape. And the project has become to create a better garden. The other ways to get the same done is via filtering and extraction method too. Then layers and duplicates do all the twin wonders.


Experienced artists like to get the pictures in one format, so that the resolution does not differ. Clients are encouraged to experiment with the images they upload for editing. Fashion magazines, catalogues all have some image masking techniques that make the visuals interesting. The dilemma is the unlimited options for creating more appealing images. What's more the low costs do not deter the client from asking the specialist to exercise his skills. This is one reason why some service providers have a great tuning with their clients. The trend now to outsource the work to offshore companies has helped editing companies to produce better results forimage masking.  

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