Monday, September 26, 2011

The Increasing Popularity of Modern Ketubah

A document called a Ketubah is a traditional and an integral part of Jewish wedding ceremonial and the modern ketubah has also become an increasingly popular custom for non-traditional weddings as well. A Ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract that will be written by the couple, approved by their rabbi and signed in front of 2 witnesses. This Ketubah often created with original fine art next to the text will later be framed and be displayed in the home of the married couple. Written in the modern Ketubah is the promise of the husband to take care his wife and their future children in all aspects, emotionally and financially. It is also a place where the couple can articulate their vows of love and devotion to each other. Many couples today like to write their own wedding vows to each other and the Ketubah is a great place to record those so you will always have a beautiful reminder of your deep feelings of love and respect for each other.

Today a modern Ketubah can be made for any couple who are marrying. You don't need to be Jewish or traditional in any way. A modern Ketubah can serve a couple of any faith, background, and sexual orientation. In fact anyone can shop for a custom Ketubah online. Finding the perfect Ketubah design and text can be one of the most enjoyable preparations of the bride and groom as they lead up to their big special day.

The popularity of the modern Ketubah has increased tremendously as more and more creative artists and non-traditional people are actually choosing to apply their own talent and creativity in creation of a unique and modern Ketubah. You can find their artwork in different gift shops, websites and even in artists' studios. Not only in Jewish communities can you see Ketubah artists, but now many artists of different backgrounds are using the Ketubah as a creative medium.

Another reason why the modern Ketubah has become more popular is the through advertising and media. You probably have seen a movie with a scene of a couple getting married and having to sign their Custom Ketubah. This may be the first time you've seen this coupling of marriage traditions and fine art. After the signing of the Ketubah, and later after the ceremony the Ketubah will be given to the bride or bride's mother for safekeeping. Usually it is hung on the wall of the newlywed's house to hang on their wall throughout the rest of their married life.


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