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Oil Painting's Basic Stance

Gustav Klimt The KissGood artists who should be a comprehensive doctrine. Great masters from generation to generation from the older masters are constantly there to explore, to reach their work in a narrative of the kind of complexity, individuality and the breadth and depth of observation of the formation of the magnificent momentum, rich content, lively spirit. These we can from Rubens, Rembrandt, Poussin, Titian, and so the works of masters in order to feel out.


All reflect the ancient and modern works of masters of their predecessors inherited traces. Rembrandt, Vermeer is nurtured by Caravaggio, but they have their own style. Hand side of innovation they inherited, and worship of the nineteenth century, Courbet's contemporary artists Kieffer, Baselitz, Freud, in their works are works of Courbet Han Yong with a solid sense of the material image with strokes of strength and sense of weight, respectively, while the performance of their own. Many artists today threatened to start from scratch, this is not possible, cut history will fall into nothingness. Painting can not be completely re-creation. Painting without inheritance. Even the abstract art, but also with traditional art there is a link between. It is also the study of traditional laws out of their own path. And because almost all of them to take a negative attitude that still can not get rid of an overly decorative lattice degrees.


"Different styles of artistic expression in a variety of names are used in the product specifications, they are not referring to a kind of classical norms (right) dependence, refers to a kind of classical norms of (inappropriate) off." And in today's a stretch since the traditional end of a standard exists in the arts was to have changed nothing of the difficulties faced by contemporary artists, masters of those times than in the past is much more severe. 


But we still hope to find no shortage of re-from the traditional beauty striver, they maintained the continuity of painting, for a real exploration. Jia Hurst, Kesuo Fu, Iraq suddenly Yate so, they are still the same as in the past masters of painting, as to maintain a child-like simple. They work in the integration of European art in essence, they have the courage for such a difficult ---- that is, how to complete the re-integrated at the same time, but also to abandon the tradition of "shortcomings." A great gap between artists and ordinary artists which opened: not to indulge on his personality, but that he extracted from those traditional elements of, is that these elements in his works of art reflected on the character classical and pure. They explore the art of painting we have today pointed out the direction, point to understand the correct path of Erigeron. 


Affirmation of the continuity of art and inheritance, is closely related with the rise of human thought, human beings in the rapid development of high technology, computer technology advances, the ecological environment is deteriorating, facing the energy crises of the moment, human existence and development into today most concern.Embodies the continuity of human culture human existence and development of hope. So who's glory, the intrinsic character of mankind in order to restore self-esteem will be re-continuity to be reflected in the art. This is the emphasis on the continuity of the deeper artistic meaning. 

First half of the early twentieth century industry, with the technological trend of layers of layers of coverage and penetration, one face of the growing era of retreat from the hand and fuzzy. The power of the machine, the progress of science and technology lead to human civilization in the cultural yearning and worship of machines and the negation of their own civilization. So thin in the United States, where cultural traditions, arts first began to deny the continuity of the movement. The destruction of the continuity of art, its background is carried out vigorously deny the humanistic spirit of the modern movement.

Rembrandt Van Rijn Bathsheba-at-Her-Bath-1654-large


Andy Warhol ashamed of man shouted, "I hope I become a machine, the painting can be like a machine." Paper over their people, Wen-Yuan its people, culture counter to its people. This phenomenon is increasingly common, culture seems to bid farewell to the era that hand. Left start temperature, and the Indian craftsmen carved a unique marker product increasingly rare. Industrial-style mass production of culture is difficult to show the individual brilliance of human glory. Is left almost too much action-oriented and consumer-oriented statements, arguments, models, cultural strategy, leaving piles of gorgeous but not without a bit stiff and cold metal things like name, name management, such as "post-structuralism," "deconstruction ism, "" post-modern "," pan-avant-garde "," super-avant-garde "and so on. We do not ya ground to meet these objectives, while doctrine, but more and not see the person behind them.


The traditional works of the masters of good come out from their life, revealing people's blood temperature, pulse, values, and the kind of emotion, as a way of life of the notes and expression, with a distinctive personal stamp. Man with people ---- as a person, that person style, Unless stopped, the evaluation, a model has the characteristics of the instructions, determine the elevation of ---- from yesterday's intrinsic personality.


Mr. Stuart asked Elektra established, what is our time problem? She replied: That is the art of continuity was broken again ---- I do not want to use "traditional" word is traditional, but the "traditional" word has been devalued. This is stupid. In China, people understand the importance of tradition. This does not mean repeating the ancients have done, we can do something else, but the departure from tradition, the painter of the land is the "cultural tradition and the times." So I think the Chinese Qing Dynasty Master Shi Tao's "Painting Quotations," from which I see striking similarities.

"However, by the ancient gentleman to open this", "I's for me, my own" non-compliance to strict revivalist tradition, dogmatism, rather than to learn it is not oriented. "Ancient of my male colleagues can not be born in the face, the ancient heart of the abdomen can not be safe into my gut, I spontaneously In my heart, I expose the eyebrows." Thus, we further believe that a good painter, a master of the first is good, good traditional successor.


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