Monday, September 19, 2011

Using Fabric Paint for your arts and craft projects

Across the board people seem to be more interested in arts and crafts particularly those which involve customising the home or creating great gifts or personalised greetings cards. People like to create unique items nowadays whether it is for their own personal use or as a gift. There are many ways in which art materials such as fabric paints are utilised and much fun can be had in the creating process. For many people inspiration comes from currents trends and designers like Cath Kidston who evoke a whole new arts and crafts style within the home – any many people want to get the look without paying extortionate amounts of money. Fabric paints are a great material as they can be used on a variety of materials and can create stunning effects. The paint itself can be fixed with an iron after drying on the materials giving the permanence you might require for some projects. This fixable type of textile paint is popular with those of us interested in customising clothing or soft furnishings for instance. For such projects you can purchase stamps or stencils if you are not so confident in your own artistic abilities.

Many people are now even customising cushion covers and household items like kitchen roller blinds – and using fabric paint is perfect for any such project. Fabric paints do not generally disappoint on colour and you can generally always find a shade you have in mind. As with any form of art, it is always advisable to plan out your intentions before you begin buying your art materials, so you don't purchase too much or too little. Linens, cottons and mixed fibre materials are usually best for Fabric Painting and before you commit to any permanence on say, your sofa cushions, you could always test on a piece of scrap material beforehand to make sure you are happy with the results. Colour variations can occur after drying so again, testing that element of fabric paint out is helpful before you commit to anything.

It is good to note that most reputable art suppliers do offer a variety of paints and they may come as individual paints or you may be able to purchase a craft kit that is specific to fabric painting. Craft kits are a great choice for any beginner – as you get just enough paint for a mini project and it allows you to experiment and try out techniques before buying. T-shirts, cushion covers, canvas bags, aprons, curtains and even other clothing and soft furnishings like blinds and dining room chairs can be completely customised with fabric paints, and if you enjoy such projects you can always have a theme running through the house and the great part is that your designs will be unique and completely yours to boast about. Just make sure you always follow the fabric paint instructions in order to maintain the best results from your craft materials. 

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