Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion that Flatters from Fashion Stores Online

Great news for women everywhere that's looking for stylish and slimmer look! It can easily be found now especially with the help of fashion stores online. Aside from the convenience that it provides, you can also get great finds that you won't be able to see anywhere else! These items are of course sold at fashion stores onlineexclusively!

What's also important is that a recent study discovered that apparel companies found that almost 90 percent of American women reported that their looks determine how they feel about themselves.
The majority of women no matter their age, shape or size, perceive that they have body flaws.

The finding concluded that 60 percent of women cited their stomach as their major problem area, followed by thighs at 45 percent then hips at 34 percent ant rear ends at 33 percent.
These "problems" significantly increase for women who wear larger than a size 10.
Sixty-five percent of women described their struggle and attempts to control their weight, to no avail.

We all know that diet and exercise are the best solutions for looking and feeling great but women have also turned to shape wear, such as old –fashioned girdles and other undergarments for instant effect. One of the most effective yet least expensive is called shape fx.

Unlike other shape wear brands, it features a unique collection of ready-to-wear apparel with build-in shape wear panels that trim the waist, slim the hips and shape the rear. These unexpected bonuses come in great-fitting pants, skirts and dresses and are invaluable assets in an extensive swimwear collection. The collection does include conventional shape wear intimate pieces as well.

The designers also suggest five slimming tips that are available at fashion stores online
• Higher necklines support and minimize a full bust
• Vertical stripes, princess seams and single-breasted jacket provide slimming solutions
• Bootcut pants and flared skirts minimize heave hips, thighs and rear
• Tunic tops stylishly conceal hips and rear
• Clothes containing super control fabrics with lycra and power-mesh panels can smooth away imperfections.
There you have it, aside from exercise and the right diet then you can try out these body flattering tips!

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